Key extraction Sunrise


Key Extraction Sunrise


Key extraction Sunrise  is something you can do yourself.  But if all fails you can always call A Lenny Locksmith Sunrise and we can get your key out of your lock.

You can’t imagine how many people break there keys off in there lock and then they can’t get there key out because it is jammed in the lock.  It can happen in almost any lock but we are going to talk about a house lock or a Commercial door lock in this blog.

With a key extraction Sunrise the best way I tell customers to get there key out is with a paper clip.  Now me as a locksmith I have special tools and sometimes I just use my pick tools to get them out.  Normally a person doesn’t carry pick tools on them so I recommend them the paper clip.

A Lenny Locksmith Sunrise will have a video to demonstrate how to do a key extraction in the next week.  For now I will try to walk you threw with this blog.

If you open your paper clip up and make it strait you will be ready to start.  Now picture your key stuck and it won’t come out.  I want you to take the paper clip and stick it in the top of key hole squeeze it in where the keys is in.  You will feel when you push farther in the wafers will go up and while doing that try to put pressure on key at the same time to come out.  You will soon notice the key will come out and hopefully you have a spare.

If all fails call A Lenny Locksmith Sunrise we can do it for you and we are a locksmith service open 24 Hours and 7 days a week.  You can call us any time for questions we would be glad to answer any question you might have.  I hope this blog helped you but like I said if you have any problems call A A Lenny Locksmith Sunrise.