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Car Key Replacement BMW West Palm Beach


Car Key Replacement BMW Sunrise.  Car Locksmith Sunrise will go over what is needed to get done to have your BMW keys made.  We will talk about how you can make an appointment, how long it takes and what types are harder and more money to do.

How to make find a locksmith and make appointment

  1. First you can google car locksmith and the city you are in.  You can call first to make sure they do BMW car keys.  Some locksmith don’t do them but some do so its important to call first and ask.
  2. Another important thing is to get price and not just from company the actual car locksmith Sunrise tech who is coming out to you.
  3. Look at reviews and BBB to make sure they are good company to trust with your car.

How long does it take and what models are more difficult

  1. How long it take varies on the system.  There are EWS, CAS 1,2,3,4 and fem.
  2. Now the fastest BMW systems to do is CAS 1,2,3.
  3. EWS which is in  older models and EWS4 in some newer models are a little bit more work cause you have to take module out of car read and write the key from it.
  4. CAS 4 and FEM systems we do but I almost recommend going to dealer cause when you have to solder to make a key anything can go wrong.  It usual will be fine but anything can happen.  Car Locksmith Sunrise will do it but if you can wait for dealer its recommended.
  5. Our techs can be to you within 20 minutes. CAS 1,2,3 is usually done in 5-10 minutes.  EWS can take from 30 minutes to an hour.  CAS 4 and Fem can take from an hour and up.

I hope from reading this you got a better understanding for a Car Key Replacement BMW Sunrise.  If you have any questions feel free to call A Lenny Locksmith anytime we are 24 hours a day for service and questions.  If you also have questions on Volkswagen check out our blog on Car Key replacement VW

Car Key Replacement BMW Sunrise




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