How To Fix a Chrysler key that won’t turn


How to fix a Chrysler key that won't turn



How to fix a Chrysler key that won’t turn?   When I first woke up my office called me and we had a customer that felt another locksmith took advantage of her. She had a chrysler and her ignition key wasn’t turning. He wanted to charge her five hundred dollars to remove the ignition and put a new one in. The lady was crying because she didn’t have that type of money. She heard about A Lenny Locksmith when she googled locksmith Sunrise. I immediately called her and told her to relax I would be over there within twenty minutes.


When I got there her key was not turning in the ignition. I then proceeded to try to get the key to turn. After a few tricks I have to get the key to turn it turned. It was not over because it was still hard to turn. I told her it wasn’t totally wrong what the previous locksmith said with changing the ignition but the price was definitely way too high and I could understand her concern.


I then told her we don’t have to change the ignition. My experience of being a locksmith forced me to learn how to fix ignitions. I then told her after I’m done fixing it, it will actually work better than if you were to buy a new one. Then came the dreaded words out of her mouth “How much” and I told her one hundred sixty five dollars and everything would be perfect. She then proceeded to hug me.


I then started the job, I got the ignition to turn. Proceeded to leave it in the accessories position after that I pushed the pin on the ignition and popped the ignition out. I proceeded to look at the ignition and decided to take it apart. I twist the top pop off the ignition top and pull out the cylinder. As I did that I immediately saw the problem. It was exactly what I thought a bent wafer. There are two things that I could do to fix this ignition problem. One is to take out the wafer totally which is fine to do because there are still seven more wafers, this is what I recommend. Second is I could replace the wafer with the same size number wafer.


In this case I just removed the wafer and proceeded to lube up the ignition. After that I started to put the ignition back together. After finishing that I tried the key and it worked like brand new. Now it was time to put the ignition back in the housing and then the final test is to try her key. I gave the customer the honor of turning the key and her car started up right away. She was so happy and Thanked me. That Is How you fix a chrysler key that won’t turn.


I told her from now on once every two weeks to spray a little WD-40 inside the ignition and that would extend the life of her ignition. Second and most important I told her to stop locking her steering wheel when she got out of her car. She said no problem will do.



How to fix a chrysler key that won’t turn.