Should you rekey your locks


Should you rekey your locks? If you have an old or a new house, you may need to rekey the locks. Sometimes, rekeying needs to be done just to make sure that your house is really safe. You do not want someone you do not know holding a spare key for your house.

When should you change your locks? Normally, you should change your locks when: You move to a new house. Buying new locks can really help you keep your house secured and it will also help you avoid spending money in buying new ones whenever you lose one of them. A bad example is when you have lost your key and you are on your way to the store to buy a new one but you forget your key and you already forgot that you have a lock.

How much time should it take to rekey your locks? Actually, the amount will depend on the type of locking system you have. There are three types: bolt, key and knob. If you are not familiar with these locks, you should ask a locksmith Sunrise to help you out. In this case, they will be able to give you a better idea as to how much time it will take for you to replace your existing locks with the new one and how much it will cost for you to rekey them.

Generally rekeying your locks is the more cost effective option. This is why customers tend to go with this service most of the time. Rekeying your locks save you money by allowing you to keep your existing lock or locks. The locksmith technician will open your existing lock and change the pins inside. Depending on the type of lock you have they may need to change the entire cylinder. Doing this changes the key but allows you to keep your existing lock.

If you are thinking about changing or rekeying your locks and have questions contact A Lenny Locksmith. Our Knowledgable and friendly staff are always available for you to answer all of your questions.

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