What to do when you need locks changed

If you are locked out of your car, home or office you will need locks changed if you have not had them changed for some time. This is because all locks today are hardwired and need to be changed by a locksmith as opposed to having them re-keyed. While you might be able to replace the locks by hand, it can be very expensive and the added time it takes to drill holes through your lock, open the door and then change the key means money that could be spent elsewhere. When you have locks replaced by a locksmith, it takes less than a half an hour to change all your locks.

The price you pay to have locks changed by a tech in Sunrise, Florida will depend on the type of lock you have as well as the locksmith you choose. Techs in the Sunshine State to charge by the hour and the total cost can easily run into the hundreds of dollars for a 24 hour service. With newer locks and newer doors, this cost may be even greater if you need locks changed for a reason such as an old door with a malfunctioning lock. Most techs will quote you the total cost of having your locks replaced rather than charging you by the hour as this is the most accurate quote you will receive when you request locksmith services in Sunrise, Florida.

What to do when you need them replaced also depends on the type of lock that you have installed on your door. Some locks need to be re-keyed while others can simply be re-keyed. If you have a deadbolt on your door, you might have to have the lock changed out entirely and then install a new lock so that you can protect your property. You can find locksmiths that will come to your house or business and re-key your deadbolt so that it provides more security. This would be considered a major lock job and therefore you should expect to pay a lot of money for this service. A simple lock job that you could do yourself is more reasonable in the end and certainly less costly. Click this link to check out our google page for more info.

What to do when you need locks changed



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